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Cute Christmas Poems for Kids

Christmas is many children's favorite holiday. Presents, food, and time with cousins; what could be better? These cute and funny poems listed below are a few bits of joy I'd like to share.s

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Christmas is More poem
Christmas Time poem
Come Come Santa poem
Merry Christmas poem
Reindeer poem

Christmastime poem
Presents poem

Cute Xmas Poems

"Christmas is More"

What happened this year,
with all our Christmas cheer?
We gave each other presets,
but went our separate ways.

Let's mend together,
to stop our crazy ways.
Christmas is more --
than just a simple day.

"Christmas Time"

Christmas time is here,
in every single way.
Smile, laughter, singing; every single day.
I love this time of year.

Christmas bells ringing, children singing;
what could make this better? Oh, you here.
Christmas isn't the same, without you near.
Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

"Come Come Santa"

Come, come Santa,
fill our house with toys --
slide down our chimney,
eat our yummy cookies
and spread the house with joy.

Come, come Santa,
guide the deer to here,
give us lots of toys
and spread the Christmas cheer.

"Merry Christmas"

Merry Christmas to you;
may your day be joyful,
and your night be blissful.

For today is hopeful
and tomorrow peaceful.
May Christ fulfill your wishes,
and bring hope to us all.


Reindeer, reindeer
how many are you?
Eight? Nine?
Why is it not clear?
You fly the sleigh
you carry Santa
you bring Christmas cheer
why are you not loved
like oh Santa dear?

Funny Xmas Poems


Christmas time with joy and cheer
wake me for the presents, dear
or else I'll take yours
and I'll have mine
for me and not yours
this Christmastime


Gimme presents I want more!
Gimme presents, I did my chores!
A bicyce, a tricycle, a motor vehicle!
I deserved it, you reserve it!
Gimme presents; more, more, more
Gimme presents I need more!

Poems written by Gary R. Hess

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