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4th of July Poems to Honor Independence Day

The Fourth of July is an important day in America's past-time. Today, it is many persons favorite holiday. Spending time with our family and friends, barbequing and watching fireworks are some of the reasons why this day is so great.

Below are some great poems written for this holiday.

"This Tradition"

It's an American tradition,
this Fourth of Huly,
to barbeque and drink--
festive with family.

When dusk comes,
blasts light up above;
sparkles and smoke
with awes beneath

when 10 years past,
the night remains
forever in memory

"Independence Day"

Independence Day:
joyous reunion
celebrating, barbequing, lighting
One day,

"Independence Day"

on this independence day,
we remember the years past.
we honor this very day
for our flag, old glory, has last.

on this independence day,
two centuries ago, we
declared our independence
for justice and liberty.

on this independence day,
a war began with writing;
John Hancock signed the paper,
and war began with fighting.

on this independence day,
seven years from the former,
the war was almost over
then England was defeated.

on this independence day,
not too long ago, children
from all around came to say
"pledge allegence to this day."

as years went by old glory blew.
our flag had last and still flew.

on this idependence day,
old glory will last and sway.

Poems written by Gary R. Hess

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