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Finding Comfort Through Grief Poetry

By Gary R. Hess. Category: Poetry

When you are grieving, it can take a lot of effort to get out of the funk you feel. Poetry is one way to help.

Everyone has been through something which has been tough to deal with. Whether it is losing a loved one, finding out you have cancer, or finding out your significant other has cheated on you. You might spend months, years, or even decades thinking about that very event. It's hard; it's tough. Nonetheless, life goes on. We can't stop time, no matter how hard we want to.

With poetry, even though it can't produce miracles, the thoughts of your loved one will always be there. Writing grief poetry is an excellent way to express your thoughts and emotions. The poetry might work similarly to a diary, but you can express yourself in ways you might not be able to otherwise. There are more literary styles, such as alliteration and rhyming, at your disposal. The use of metaphors and similes also tend to help you express yourself more emotionally and properly.

Nonetheless, the poem doesn't have to be about your grief; it can be about memories. It can be about the great times you spent together, your love, or even the person's looks. The point of writing these poems is to express yourself, nothing more and nothing less. Write your memories in a way for you to remember or your loved ones to read and remember you by. Or, it can be your about your true feelings on what happened/is happening.

If you are writing in a way to remember someone who had passed away, remembrance poems are a great way to look back and remember specific aspects about the person. It can help you so you don't forget about the person you love. It can also serve as a way for your children or grandchildren to learn something about their relative.

If writing poetry isn't something you wish to do, there are many great sympathy poems available to help you through the grieving process. Reading these may help you relate to others so you won't feel alone and realize that there are others feeling the very same as you.

Poetry is a great way to deal with your internal emotions and express them in ways other literature might not be able to. Whether you wish to read or write about your grief or remembrance, poetry is there to express all your feelings and emotions.

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