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Sad Love Poetry by Emily Dickinson

By Gary R. Hess. Category: Poetry

Many know Emily Dickinson for her famous love poems. However, many don't realize that her poems aren't always about happy times. Actually, many of her poems are about her broken heart. We call this "sad love poetry" to the effect which the poems are about love that had saddened her. Dickinson seemed to have went through a lot.

From Dickinson's writings, we can easily tell that she was alone most of her life. She has had deaths and distance happen all around her. Family deaths and loved ones at sea virtually forced her to shut herself off from everything around her. She became a shut in and wouldn't let others into her room or her mind. And who could blame her? A life like hers is not something we should want.

Because of this, some of Dickinson's best work is of this variety. Not only does she speak from her heart, but she speaks of how it was broken using every emotion in her body (and the readers). This is what separates the great poets from the good poets.

While others are reading Dickinson's love poems, I am reading her sad love poetry.

Not much about Emily Dickinson is known during the years she spent virtually locked into her own room. However, something tells me it has something to do with her love of a man and the broken heart which followed.

Many poets are known for their poems of a specific genre. However, the same poets often dabbled in other forms. Those are the ones which should be sought after and read in order to get a true view of the meanings of their poetry and history behind the works. Great poets aren't known because of one or two poems. They are known for their entire writing career. Emily Dickinson is a great example of this.