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Inspirational Bible Quotes - Page 3

So know that Yahweh, your God is the true and faithful God. He keeps his covenant, and his love reaches to the thousandth generation for those who love him and fulfill his commandments,
Deuteronomy 7:9
A blessing if you obey the commandments of Yahweh that I command you today;
Deuteronomy 11:27
Yahweh will order the blessing to be with you in your granaries and in your activities. He shall bless you in the land which Yahweh, your God, gives you.

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Deuteronomy 28:8
Be valiant and strong, do not fear or tremble before them for Yahweh, your God, is with you; he will not leave you nor abandon you."
Deuteronomy 31:6
Since God began such a good work in you, I am certain that he will complete it in the day of Christ Jesus.
Philippians 1:6
I can do all things in him who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13
God himself will provide you with everything you need, according to his riches, and show you his generosity in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19
Who will ascend the mountain of the Lord? Who will stand in his holy place? Those with clean hands and pure heart, woh desire not what is vain, and never swear to lie.
Psalm 24:3-4
Trust in the Lord, be strong and courageous yes, put your hope in the Lord!
Psalm 27:14
Love the Lord, all you his saints! The Lord preserves his faithful, but he fully requites the arrogant.
Psalm 31:24
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