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Quotaitons from Max Payne

Max Payne is a action crime-drama about a police detective whose family was killed and an assassin that wants to avenge her sister's death. Throughout the film, the two are hunted by the mob, the police, and a corporation. Directed by John Moore. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Beau Bridges, and Chris O'Donnell. Based on the video game of the same name by Sam Lake.

Max Payne is a shockingly good film, especially for one based on a video game. If you love the game or love action, you'll love this film. Read some quotes from it below.

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[from trailer]
Max Payne: There's an army of bodies under this river, criminals reaching up to welcome me as one of their own. It was an easy mistake to make.
[from trailer]
Lincoln DeNeuf: The Devil is building his army. Max Payne is looking for something that God wants to stay hidden. That is what makes him more dangerous.
[from trailer]
Captain Bowen: Remember when you were a kid and you'd hold your breath when you run past a grave yard? Leave that man alone.
[from trailer]
BB Hensley: When the people a man needs get taken away from him, you can't ever go back to the way you were before.
Mona Sax: You don't want to make it out alive. You think that if he puts you out of your misery, that you will be with them again?
Max Payne: Yea. I hope thats how it works.
Doug: Are you following us, asshole?
Max Payne: No. I'm only following you.
Lt. Jim Bravura: Take Payne alive. If there is anything left.
Det. Alex Balder: Is that what you think? That I didn't work Michelle's case? I did every thing. Everything!
Max Payne: He's still out there some where. One of them is still out there. Thats everything!
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