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Funny Quotations from Marley & Me

Marley & Me is a family comedy-drama film about a couple who decides to get a dog, named Marley. The film starts with the couple working as reporters. After John thinks his wife wants to become a mother, he decides to get a dog to see if they are ready to become parents. The dog, however, is a bit uncontrollable and makes for some hilarious moments. Directed by David Frankel. Starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. Based on the autobiographical book by John Grogan.

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Marley & Me is a hilarious movie involving a dog. It's great for the entire family and perfect for those bored nights. Read some quotes from this humorous adventure below.

Realtor: You guys are going to have kids right?
[Long pause]
Jennifer Grogan: Yes.
Sebastian: You want my advice? Get a puppy or something.
John Grogan: I've never had a dog.
Sebastian: There's nothing to it. You walk him, you feed him, you let him out every now and again.
John Grogan: He's just like a little kid, except you know, furrier.
Dog Trainer: A dog can only have one master. Which one of you have the most authority in the relationship?
John Grogan: Oh maybe I'll just stand over there for the beginning.
Dog Trainer: I thought so.
[Marley runs and dives into a pool]
John Grogan: Whose dog is that?
Jennifer Grogan: Hi guys, alright, say hello to Colleen!
Conor: Daddy says her name is 'whoops'!

Lisa: I told myself not to scream but I screamed and he stabbed me John Grogan: [checking the wound] Its not that bad, in all the drama I didn't catch your name.
Lisa: Lisa.
John Grogan: Lisa its going to be okay, we're going to sit here with you and wait for the police to get here, its going to be alright.
Jorge: Why are you laughing?
Sebastian: I'm just very immature.
Jennifer Grogan: Marley's not allowed to drink out of the toilet, you should just keep him out of the bathroom in general.
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