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Friday the 13th (2009) Quotes - Page 2

[first lines] Pamela Voorhees: Come here. Come here now.
Camp Counselor: No.
Pamela Voorhees: You're the last one. I've killed all the others. It'll be easier for you than it was for Jason.
Camp Counselor: Why are you doing this?
Pamela Voorhees: You need to be punished for what you did to him.
Camp Counselor: I didn't do anything.
Pamela Voorhees: You let him drown. Jason was my son.
Camp Counselor: I didn't do anything. No. No. No. Please.
Pamela Voorhees: You should have been watching him. Every minute.
[Camp Counselor decapitates Pamela. Young Jason approaches the body, picks up a photo-locket]
Pamela Voorhees: Jason. My special, special boy. They must be punished, Jason. For what they did to you. For what they did to me.
Pamela Voorhees: [Young Jason picks up the machete, walks away] Kill for mother.

Old Lady: People go missing around here, they're gone for good. Outsiders come, they don't know where to walk. They bring trouble. We just want to be left alone. And so does he.
[refers to Jason]
Clay: So does who?
[walking down the path after breaking Trent's chair, imitates Trent]
Chewie: Hi, my name is Trent. My daddy bent me over this chair and beat me when I was little, so you need to fix it.
Jenna: I never liked camp.
Clay: Why?
Jenna: Bad food, bugs, cheap toilet paper...
[coming out of a cramped backseat]
Chewie: Oh, my God. Babies have more space in the uterus.
Richie: Do you know how many lakes are probably called Crystal Lake? It's like Crystal Geyser, Crystal Water. Go to a supermarket. Every single bottled water is named "Crystal" something.
Wade: Aquafina.
Chewie: [hands over hockey stick to Jason] Are you looking for this? Because, uh, it completes your outfit.
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