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Jimmy Carter was the 39th President of the United States, serving from 1977 to 1981. During his presidency, he created the Department of Energy, the Department of Education, established a national energy policy, and returned the Panama Canal to Panama. However, many of his greatest accomplishments came after his presidency had ended.

After President Jimmy Carter left office, his legacy started to show. The cabinet positions he created have become two of the most important cabinets discussed during the 1990s and 2000s. His energy policy has brought many changes to the United States, such as curbing oil importation, CFL bulbs, and funding of alternative energy sources.

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In 2002, President Carter was given the Nobel Peace Prize for creating an organization with his wife which started work to help eradicate diseases and advance human rights around the world. He was the first president to receive this honor post-office.

Long before Carter became president, he held interest in poetry. His first love of poetry began as an eighth-grader who was given the task of writing poetry and memorizing famous poems.

Years later, after his presidency had ended, Carter sought out the help of two literary geniuses: Miller Williams and James Whitehead. The two took him under their wings and taught him how to write and understand poetry. Shortly after, Carter became the first president to publish a book of poetry. His book is titled Always a Reckoning and Other Poems. The book consists of 44 poems and received mixed reviews upon release.

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President Jimmy Carter's accomplishments didn't begin after his presidency, but much of his legacy and appreciation for his work did.

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