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How to Cite or Link to PoemofQuotes

How to Cite PoemofQuotes

PoemofQuotes is a website by Gary R. Hess. Many of the pages are constantly updated and there is no record of the exact date the most recent change happened. If you insist on using a date, there is a copyright date at the bottom of this page.

Hess, Gary. "Name of Page". PoemofQuotes. Gary Hess, Latest Publication date. <http://www.poemofquotes.com/poetry.php>. Date of Access.

Obviously, "Name of Page" should be changed to the title of the page you are citing. http://www.poemofquotes.com/poetry.php should be changed to the URL you are citing.

How to Link to PoemofQuotes

At Poem of Quotes we encourage others to link back to us. For that reason we made it easy to do so by adding these suggestions below.

1) Love Poems - Romantic and love poems for the special someone.
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2) Famous Poems - Includes both 18th and 19th century poetry.
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3) Break Up Poems - Read the broken hearted poetry of both famous and amateur writers alike.
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4) Famous Quotes - Famous Quotations from history and around the world.
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5) Short Poetry and Quotes - Experience poetry and quotations like you never have before.
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6) Poetry eCards - Send an ecard to your friend or family for any occasion!
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Remember, these are only suggestions. You may link to any page with any anchor text you wish, but please keep the anchor text on topic!
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